Founding Values

Our mission is simple:

Developing athleticism by providing precise instruction of straight forward, safe and technical strength training.


KŪL Strength and Performance is dedicated to enhancing the athletic abilities of athletes in high competitive environments seeking to go further in their careers. We ensure that athletes who dedicate their life to sport are given the highest quality strength training to keep them healthy, durable and one step ahead of competition. We strive to provide an environment where athletes can learn the importance of discipline, motivation and hard work. This approach to developing athleticism is also provided to our adult clientele to help increase mobility, movement and strength in their day to day lives.

Our approach to strength:

Strength and conditioning training has evolved from a focus on only heavy weight/resistance training to ensuring that healthy bodies stay healthy. Athleticism requires that an individual has the competence to move their body in various planes and directions safely and at their full potential. By incorporating athletic movements into strength training programs, both athletes and recreational clients will experience confidence in their ability to perform exercises and daily tasks safely. KŪL Strength & Performance provides the tools and guidance that athletes and clients require to push themselves to reach their full potential and incorporates practical training techniques that are proven to yield results.