Even quarantine is no excuse to skip leg day.

In this post, I'll be providing some pointers that will help you maintain strength during these tough times.

Why strength matters?

My main demographic for strength and conditioning are adolescents. My main reason for working with this group is because educating young people early on about strength training is much easier than trying to teach old dogs new tricks (sorry to my adult clients, I'm not calling you dogs...). That being said, even my adult clients now know the importance of the development and maintenance of muscle and bone tissue and how it can help prevent degenerative complications (such as osteoarthritis). Weight bearing exercise creates micro-fractures in bone tissue referred to as osteoclastic activity. Adequate nutrition provides the means for bone tissue cells to re-build and increase its density. By the time we reach 40 years of age our bones have matured and the degeneration process begins. Research has shown that those who perform weight bearing exercise slow down the degenerative process than those who do not.

How to find weight to bear during a quarantine?

Getting creative, being determined and having an open mind are fundamental. Let's start by defining strength training. Strength is ones ability to exert or resist force of objects. Now, I'll drop some grade 11 physics on you, what is force? Force in it's simplest formula is mass multiplied by acceleration. Thus, we now need to get the term "weight" off our mind and actually turn our attention to "how do we find force to bear during a quarantine?" Simple. Find ways to accelerate and resist a force. An extremely abundant force is all around us and literally keeps the world spinning, gravity. Jump squats provide the force of mass (your body weight) to help you continue strength training when you least think you can. It requires no equipment, no partners and even no shoes! Try 3 sets of 10-20 reps with only 1 minute rest between sets in your next home work out and you'll feel the force your looking for. Be sure to land in a proper squat position with your butt back and knees behind your toes. Jump just enough to get off your toes and that'll be sufficient. As you get better you can increase the vertical.

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