Youth Strength Training

Weightlifting 101

Learn from the best, be the best.

  1. Ages 15+

  2. Open to all experience levels with resistance training

* Ask about our adult strength training     lessons

Weightlifting 101 is an introductory program that provides young athletes with the foundational knowledge of strength and conditioning exercises. The focus is strictly on precise technique and injury prevention.

Exercises used in this program are ones that athletes will use for increasing strength while playing in high level competition (i.e. NCAA, OHL)

The goal is to ensure that athletes become comfortable in the weight room by developing the correct etiquette and learning safe practices.

"I had an excellent time going to the fitness room with Troy as a trainer. He not only helped me improve my overall physical fitness but also used his knowledge of athletics to open me up to the wide world of fitness and athletics. I highly recommend Troy as a personal trainer." - Gianluca, Grade 9, De La Salle College "Oaklands

In Season Strength Training

Keep your performance up, stay focused and earn that championship

1) Elite Young Athletes 15+

2) All skill levels

3) 2 OR 3 days per week (month to month)


Additional services available:

  • Boxing and Muay thai for extra conditioning

Taking into account clients' sport, position and personal goals, in season training is focused on maintaining athletic abilities and strength. The #1 priority during the in season is ensure the health and well-being of the athlete. Therefore programs will not have the athlete performing maximal effort resistance training. This program is run 2 OR 3 days per week and is available on a month to month basis.

The goals for this program are to 1) Stay athletic 2) Stay healthy 3) Learn 4) Have fun 

Off Season Strength and Power Training

So you want to be better next season huh? Get ready to work.

1) Elite Young Athletes 15+

2) All skill levels

3) 4 - 5 days per week (2-4 months)

Additional services available:

  • Boxing and Muay thai for extra conditioning

During the off season the training process is as follows:

  1. Use "prehab" exercises to help increase the mobility of joints and muscle tissue which may not be strong enough or which are worn out from the season.

  2. Introduce athletes to common strength training exercises

  3. A) Regain strength/muscle tissue by use of the introduced exercises B) Increase athleticism through balance, coordination and reaction training

  4. Prepare for competition/next season by A) increasing intensity and speed of resistance (power), B) cardiovascular endurance (i.e. shuttle running, sleds etc..) and C) agility training

Throughout the off season it is important that athletes get the right rest, recovery and nutrition. It is important to note that during recovery and rest periods having fun, playing other sports non competitively is a good compliment to this program. We offer boxing and muay thai training just for that reason, please feel free to ask us!


Empowering the leaders of our future

1) Junior High and High Schools

2) All skill levels

3) 1 hour clinics

Evidenced based research shows that weight training at an early age improves bone density, ensuring that kids and teens have healthy skeletal systems even before adulthood. Educating young minds on the importance of keeping themselves fit, healthy and strong not only provides greater long term physical health, but also contributes to emotional well-being. The weight room is a great environment to grow confidence and determination, two extremely important skills required for life.

Clinics are provided to school phys-ed programs to help kids understand how to exercise and weight train properly by keeping themselves safe, confident and hard working in the gym!


The common misconception regarding strength training is that athletes need to be "bigger, faster, stronger" than the next in order to make it to the next level. However, professionals become professionals through hard work, persistence and ensuring that they are a well rounded athlete. 

"At KUL Strength & Performance, we ensure that athleticism is our priority".